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    Knowledgebase How to set up OpenVPN on Ubuntu VPS server

    Commands you need to type will be underlined and the output will be italic. If theres a problem please comment down below. The reason why you might want to make a openvpn server is 1: You have full access to your data so no "logging" stuff normal VPN websites do (even on paid ones). 2: It's way...
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    Knowledgebase Hosting server on Local machine / Hosting server on System413

    Local Hosting [FREE] You can either host a LAN singleplayer server or run a minecraft server JAR file. You should NEVER use your own computer for hosting a production server, only a server for family & friends. If you host a server on your computer, you're on your own; you are responsible...
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    What is the fix for Epson printer error code 0xf1?

    Um thanks for useful info
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    Knowledgebase My account or server has been compromised/hacked

    well i think either me or the vps got hacked ticket has already been made (i think) so what should i do? edit:ive contacted nastya (nelly) and i gave her all the info i know i'll do my best to fix this mainly because its my fault that my PC or my VPS got hacked im sorry for the damadge and...
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    An unofficial beginner's guide to making a Minecraft Server

    1:if you want to join with unlicensed copies of Minecraft then this might help you 2:if you only want your friends to join then this will show you how to enable whitelist 3:if you want to configure your server/personalise your server to your needs then this might help you (its basically...
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    idk what that "follow" button does but ima click it

    idk what that "follow" button does but ima click it
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    Official Discord server for sys413 hosting

    Oh... but most people dont scroll way down to find it maybe put it somewhere up so ppl can see it more often?
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    Official Discord server for sys413 hosting

    Theres a official discord server for sys413 hosting here (or use this link Join the System413 Hosting Discord Server! if that one is broken) im posting this because ppl are more active on discord and you may find more help there (just so you know... its a discord server so it may not be 100%...
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    Review/Thoughts my current review on system 413 hosting (feb 19th 2020)

    i think its been about uhh 2 month or more since i first tried this hosting service (and ivan gifted me 1 month mc server long time ago when it was called "skaianet hosting" or something) so ima give a review 9.5/10 on uptime does have few hours of downtime (mostly maintanince) per few weeks or...
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    Knowledgebase VNC Viewer on your linux VPS (Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS)(credits goes to nelly aka nastya and jack)

    Here we will be showing you how to install VNC viewer so you can see your new VPS server i'll be using TightVNC here mainly because thats the most familar one i used credits go to nelly and jack If you haven't updated your OS (i recommand use LTS one as its made for "long term support" so it...
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    Knowledgebase How to connect your VPS server with SFTP (FileZIlla)

    VPS is bit different then minecraft server so if you want to use it on minecraft server check out this post right here go to filezilla website and download a client one on your pc install and run the filezilla this should show up now put in your host ip and your user and password (use port...
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    Knowledgebase How to set up desktop (Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS)(credits goes to nelly aka nastya)

    Upgrading your OS First before you do anything upgrade your OS to latest version connect to your VPS server by PuTTY or other SSH client and type in " sudo apt update " if it tells you to type in the root password then paste in the root password (if you are using root account you may not need to...
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    Knowledgebase How to use PuTTY and to control your VPS (Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS)(credits goes to nelly aka nastya)

    PuTTY is a remote shell that you can use to control your VPS and input commands through first download PuTTY from here Download PuTTY - a free SSH and telnet client for Windows and install it when you first run the PuTTY it should look like this first type your VPS IP address (should look like...
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    Knowledgebase How to make a private Minecraft server

    Whitelist Using whitelist mode is very important if you want to create a private server. This will only let players that you have already added to whitelist to connect to your server. If the player is not added to whitelist they will not be able to join your server. We suggest enabling...
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    Knowledgebase How to make your server "cracked" (online-mode=false)

    if you are a "cracked" user you probably cant even join the server you just got im here to tell you how you can make it a "cracked" server (this will make your server less secure so i recommand adding security plugins such as authme) edit...
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    Knowledgebase Plugins (that you might need) this plugin is for basically preventing griefs by allowing players to "claim" lands commands list (read it carefully)
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    Knowledgebase Plugins (that you might need) most of you have heard of worldedit its basically a plugin where you use wooden axe to change the landscape or move builds its very powerful plugin so be careful who you give permission to worldedit