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  1. Andrew

    Official Discord server for sys413 hosting

    There is a Discord icon on the bottom right of the forums lol
  2. Andrew

    Review/Thoughts my current review on system 413 hosting (feb 19th 2020)

    If I could just add a couple more things: The few hours of down time per few weeks thing well we try not to do maintenance even nearly that often. Of course our providers are going to run into issues like all of them do. But as far as uptime, we're pretty solid. You can always check out the...
  3. Andrew

    Knowledgebase How to install Pixelmon for 1.12.2

    Introduction Pixelmon is a popular Minecraft Forge mod that adds Pokémon to Minecraft. Installation Pixelmon requires a Minecraft Forge server. You can install this yourself by uploading the files via SFTP, or specify Forge with Version 1.12.2 while ordering your server, or create support...
  4. Andrew

    Knowledgebase Where are the Sys413 servers located?

    New US servers are placed in Dallas or Kansas City. New EU servers are placed in Munich. Create a Support Ticket to change your server location at any time. The move may take minutes or hours for staff to complete, depending on the size of your server and amount of storage. Moving will also...
  5. Andrew

    Rules for submitting your own Knowledgebase articles

    Before you write a Knowledgebase Article What makes for a quality post: Relevent, useful and up-to-date information on the latest gaming and Minecraft server trends. DNS guides for registrars Mods and modpacks Basic to indeterminate server management Plugin-specific guides If you're not sure...
  6. Andrew

    New Forum Launch and Knowledgebase

    Welcome to our forums. We're happy to have you here! We're excited to launch this powerful section of our brand new website for members of the System413 community. These forums will enable you to easily create, share, find and discuss information related to the services we offer. We are also...