Review/Thoughts my current review on system 413 hosting (feb 19th 2020)


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Jan 15, 2020
i think its been about uhh 2 month or more since i first tried this hosting service (and ivan gifted me 1 month mc server long time ago when it was called "skaianet hosting" or something) so ima give a review
9.5/10 on uptime
does have few hours of downtime (mostly maintanince) per few weeks or so
pretty reliable hosting if you ask me
8.5/10 on help and service
well staffs do help but at now theres not enough forum post on knowlagebase to learn anything
im sure this will get better as time goes on (i'll make another review 6 months later or a year later)
im helping other users by posting my own knowlage on knowlagebase so if you know something then post it on here to share it with other peoples
10/10 on price per perfomance (or "bang for buck")
i got a very cheap vps that i use for vpn and personal use and its been working fine
sometimes it gets bit laggy but considering its 2$ per month its pretty good
id totally recommand you to buy a vps even if you have a minimum wage job
because linux vps can run on low rams and with random discounts you can get it for cheaper
and it has great hardwares on game server and game servers isnt that expensive too
so unless you run minecraft 1.14.x on your mc server it probably wont get too much lag

very cheap and also work well considering the price
almost no downtime
helpful staff in discord
great hardware

forum is bit inactive then i expected
there is still "some" downtime so if your server need to be up all year without even 1 sec of downtime (which is pretty expensive) then this isnt for you
based on timezone staffs may not respond fast (cos they are human and they needs to sleep and what)

i think sys413 is good host overall and although its small right now i expect it to grow larger due to advantages it have (great hardware,helpful staffs,cheap price)
i personally recommand you this hosting service if you are "broke" like me or if you want max quality hardware for your budget (custom options for server is avalible)
its a budget hosting service but it has all the professional hardwares so its not like other hosting service with outdated hardwares

helpful info:
when you buy a server ask if theres promotion/discount avalible
you could save some money and still have the same quality server
edit:this was made in 19th not 20th so i edited the title
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Jan 15, 2020
If I could just add a couple more things: The few hours of down time per few weeks thing well we try not to do maintenance even nearly that often. Of course our providers are going to run into issues like all of them do. But as far as uptime, we're pretty solid.

You can always check out the reasons for all of our downtime here: and we document everything there.

Now I might be only guessing on this because i'm a conspiracy theorist, our most recent downtime of 6 hours on Hetzner was most likely because of the Windows KB4524244 update. You see it turns out that didn't just affect Windows 10, it hit all Dell machines with Server 2019 as well. Hetzner's computers that manage their infrastructure probably went down and couldn't come back up for a while. You can see how all their Cloud was affected at the same time here: Hetzner Online GmbH - Status-Webseite
Please note that i have no proof of this, or that they use Windows Server 2019 on Dell with AMD. i'm only just trying to make a guess as to what happened to them that morning..since they didn't give us very much info.

Thanks for the review anyways I really appreciate it.
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