Powering your games.

The stable growth of your gaming community depends on the performance of the system it's running on — its speed, resiliency and scalability.
But as increasingly complex updates to games like Minecraft require more processing power, and as more hosting providers appear on the market, finding a provider with the perfect balance of performance and low cost for your server is no longer straightforward.
From datacenter location to plugins, a myriad of factors dictate the performance of your server.

Your choice of provider is something your players should never have to think about.
Why? Because if the service never lags or goes offline, the hosting provider never crosses their minds.

System413 is incog.
We offered quality Minecraft and other hosting for some of the most interesting communities since 2015. We continue to make perfect servers a reality every day.

How do we do it? By finding the latest trends in gaming, and applying that knowledge to everything - from our datacenter and hardware choices, to our price-performance value. And best of all, we have a support team that is focused on fast response time and total operational transparency.

The result for your community: Success and lots of loyal players.

99.9% Uptime SLA

Host your Minecraft with guaranteed uptime. To discover the venture, read our Terms.

Rapid & Smart Support

24/7 Support, even on holidays. Why wait an entire day on a problem that might have been fixed in minutes?

Daily Backups, Peace of Mind

Mistakes happen. We make off-site backups of all our servers every day, retain them for 1 year, and can restore data for you at any time.

DDoS Protection with Failover IP

By connecting bandwidth from Leaseweb, Limestone Networks and many other of the largest providers, up to 300% more attacks can be stopped rather than using one node.*

Better CPUs, 20 TPS

Minecraft is not optimized for performance.
The main JVM thread only uses 1 core at a time. This is why we have CPUs with some of the highest clock speeds possible:
• AMD® Ryzen™️ 7 3800X, up to 4.50 GHz (US)
• AMD®️ Ryzen™️ 9 3900, up to 4.30 GHz (EU)

NVMe SSDs Only

Up to six times faster than standard SATA SSDs. This ensures fast startup of your server.

Meet The Team

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Andrew B.
CEO / Founder & Management
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Daniel P.
Co-Owner & Management
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Nastya B.
COO & Management
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Jack V.
Sysadmin & Management
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Nikita S.
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Leon D.
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Martin L.
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Sang M.